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Sage: plotting functions

This is one in a series of posts containing short snippets of Sage code for my students to use: see my page on Sage. Plotting a single function Simple plotting of functions can be done with the plot command: A … Continue reading

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First steps with Sagemath

I am spending some time this summer playing around with Sagemath. The hope is that I can learn it well enough to use it in my differential equations course in the near future. In this post I list some resources … Continue reading

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New Paper: Boundary Value Problems and Finite Differences

My article Boundary Value Problems and Finite Differences has just been appeared in the January 2016 issue of the College Mathematics Journal. Here is the abstract: The solvability of boundary value problems differs greatly from that of initial value problems … Continue reading

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Quick tips for using Manipulate in Mathematica

We’ve been using the Manipulate function in class a lot. Here are a couple of quick tips and examples. The basic idea is to take something you Mathematica to do and add a parameter. For example, suppose you want to … Continue reading

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Math 235, Spring 2015: Comments on Exam 1, Problem 1

In this problem, students were first asked to verify that was a solution to the differential equation and to plot that function. Remember when verifying that a function is a solution to a differential equation that one cannot assume that … Continue reading

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Statistics and series

Here is a nice application of series which appeared in my Calculus II course. In class we defined a probability density function (pdf) to be a function such that for all , and . We then discussed how to describe … Continue reading

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Reports for differential equations course

This coming academic year I am scheduled to teach differential equations. I’ve taught this course each year for the past several years, and each time have had a written paper due at the end of the term. In that paper … Continue reading

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An interesting map of the world.

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